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About ScouTrees

  • Where do you plant?

    Scout Trees planting projects will be located in the Western, Central, and Eastern regions of Canada.
  • When will you plant?

    Planting will begin in the fall of 2024. 

  • How do Groups receive their money?

    Groups will be paid by Scouts Canada via direct deposit. As part of the registration to participate, your Group will need to submit their updated banking information. This is not applicable if you have already updated your information for previous fundraising campaigns. Groups will be paid out within a month of the campaigns’ wrap. An income statement which includes customers, items purchased, Group profits, NOLB allocations, Section totals and Youth’s sales will be sent to registered fundraising coordinators in the month following the campaign’s wrap.

  • Who is Canada’s Forest Trust Corporation (CFT)?

    CFT is a social enterprise that provides nature-based climate solutions enabled through its Smart Forest™ Portal, catalyzing business, organizations, and individuals to address their environmental impact and enhance their climate literacy. CFT Smart Forests promote biodiversity, are maintained and measured using the latest forest intelligence technology and will never be clearcut. This Canadian-made strategy safeguards investments against climate risks, offering a turn-key approach to a sustainable future through reforestation and afforestation initiatives.

  • How do I allocate my order to a specific Group?

    At checkout, customers can select their preferred Group/ Section/Committee from a drop-down menu. Please ensure the correct name has been selected as some Groups share similar names.*Note: this is only available to those Groups who have previously registered by completing the Registration Form found here...


  • What if I cannot find my preferred Group on the list?

    Please contact trees@scouts.ca and we will fix the problem ASAP!

  • Where can I direct my questions?

    All questions pertaining to the Sales Dashboard, youth and Group allocations should be directed to trees@scouts.ca. All questions pertaining to forests and planting should be directed to grow@canadasforesttrust.ca.

  • How do I select a specific youth’s name that I wish to credit my order to?

    At checkout, customers can add the youth’s first and last name to their order by filling out the required field. 

  • When placing an order, do you have to choose a Group or youth?

    No, you do not. You can select the “I do not want to choose a Scout Group” button and your order will be credited to Scouts Canada National. 

  • How do I view the Dashboard to follow my Group’s sales?

    Once you register your group, you will be sent an e-mail with a link to register yourself for the dashboard. No need to reach out unless the e-mail does not show up within 5 business days.

  • What percentage of the revenue goes to Groups and to NOLB?

    Groups will receive about 35% of the retail price as profit. In addition, 5% of sales will go to the No One Left Behind (NOLB) campaign, which provides children and youth from low-income families with the opportunity to participate in Scouting.

  • Where can I purchase this years Scoutrees crest?

    Visit the Scout Shop to purchase your 2024 Scoutrees Crest. 

  • When does the ScouTrees campaign end?

    The campaign is scheduled to end on August 15th, 2024.

Dashboard FAQs

  • What is the Sales Dashboard?

    The dashboard on the ScouTrees Shopify website allows you to monitor your Group’s total sales and youth allocations.

  • How do I gain access to my Group’s Shopify Sales Dashboard?

    Please note that your sales dashboard access from previous campaigns will not automatically carry over and must be reestablished for the ScouTrees Campaign. Try to limit the number of people who have access to the dashboard to fundraising coordinators/contact Scouters for your Group.   A dashboard will be set up for any group that registers.  Please allow for 5 business days.

  • What won’t I see on the Dashboard?

    You will not see specific orders (i.e., who purchased what, order #s). What you will see is a total dollar amount of the sales to date as well as the total dollar value allocated to youth. The final breakdown of sales with greater detail (i.e., customers, trees purchased, $ spent) will be compiled and distributed to Groups after the campaign has wrapped. For any questions about these details during the campaign, please contact trees@scouts.ca.

  • What if I do not see an order or youth allocation on my Dashboard that I know was made?

    Shopify updates periodically, so orders do not immediately appear on your Dashboard. However, if the order in question is not being displayed after 2 days, contact trees@scouts.ca to confirm these details. Please include the order # or customer’s name as well as the desired Group Selection and/or Youth Selection.

  • What if a customer forgot or was unable to allocate their order to a Group and/or Youth?

    This is easily fixed. Please contact trees@scouts.ca and include the required details (order # or customer name, desired Group and/or Youth.


  • How do I access my Group’s Smart Forest Portal?

    You’ll receive a link from your group leader to access the Smart Forest Portal. The Portal is also accessible through the QR codes on the Forest Friends cards.

  • What information can I see on the Smart Forest Portal?

    You can see the forest location, species type, forest gallery, and most importantly, the Learning Centre!

  • Can I share the Smart Forest Portal with my friends?

    Yes! We encourage you to share the Portal link to friends and family so that everyone can track and monitor the growth of your forests for generations.